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Friday, 2 May 2014

hmm... i'm going to redesign this thing. not quite there yet, but a change is needed. bear with me folks.

so a couple of months ago i got quite angry about aquaman for some reason (can't remember why - probably just some passive aggressive thing), so i did this, but i didn't think it was very good, so i've been keeping it from you. sorry about that. 
hope you like garish colours.

Friday, 18 April 2014


so i had an idea for a computer game, but it turns out they're quite hard to make, so i might just make a music video instead.

the idea was that you start off in a computer and there's weird glitch monster that's destroying your world, so you start trying to defeat it, but as you go on, it becomes more and more apparent that the glitch is actually an antivirus and you're the virus, and by trying to save your world you're actually destroying the operating system you're living on (or the universe). at the end when you beat the antivirus, it resets your computer.

not entirely sure how i will convey all that in a music video though.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

was inspired to do some pixel art, so i made this as an experiment.

it actually goes better if you play electro stuff in the background, but i don't want to piss off the youtube copyright nazis again. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

so i feel a bit bad because i've kind of neglected this blog a bit (sorry about that. i usually make stuff when i'm depressed, but rather annoyingly, i've been pretty happy over the last few months), and i was going through some old stuff and i found this music video i attempted at uni. the sound is bad, some of it is out of sync and for some reason premiere went a bit weird when i rendered it, but you get the idea. 

unfortunately i've lost the files i used to make it, so i can't make it any better. 

so this is it... this is as good as it gets.


Sunday, 9 February 2014

coping with pointlessness

sorry it's been a while folks. here's something i'm kind of working on at the moment (a sort of exclusive maybe), and it will probably get uploaded again when it's a bit better. 

having said that, i'm sick of the sight of it at the moment, so that may be some while.

it's about a man called barry jenkins coming to terms with being pointless. it's not all that funny, but i think i had to make as a cathartic exorcism of my own feelings of pointlessness at the time. 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

oh dear... i kind of said in my last post that we will hopefully get better at this vine thing, but we're actually getting worse (which is kind of impressive in it's own special way). also we kind of got distracted in the park when we met a rasta and were having a big conversation about how racist gandi was.

we also did a jurassic park spoof with pringles, and i was chasing kavi about the streets with a massive box from an electric fan on my head whilst screaming, but i'm not sure whether to post them as they didn't turn out that well.

going out